About S.T. Pealton LTD

The Pealton Company Ltd was founded in 1989 and has since become the leader in its field in Israel and a pioneer in planning, designing and manufacture of indoor playgrounds for children.

Pealton’s factory operates in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and manufactures according to the stringent standards of the Standards Institution of Israel, while holding permits for construction and maintenance of facilities under terms of IS 1498. The factory is located in the Or Akiva Northern Industrial Zone.

Among our areas of expertise are multi-area play centers, Gymboree playgrounds, trampoline areas, varied sports equipment, paramedical equipment, Snoezelen rooms and more.

Our products contribute considerably to the development of children’s motor capabilities, coordination development, spatial stability and more.

The concept behind the development of our products and array of services is that a living environment that is more active, that encourages movement and is full of positive experiences, positively influences the general quality of our lives, contributes to enhancing our cognitive and physical capability, improves our self-esteem and no less importantly, makes us happier.

During the course of the years we have grown and expanded and currently the company is comprised of a number of primary activity divisions: 

S.T. Pealton Ltd.

S.T. Pealton specializes in designing, planning and manufacturing single and multi-storey Gymboree indoor playgrounds. The products and the facilities encourage movement and activity according to the age of the children and their needs.

Furthermore, S.T. Pealton manufactures additional products in the following areas: educational activity panels for children, inflatable facilities for any purpose, active sports and recreational facilities, paramedical products, challenging thought-provoking games, indoor playgrounds for children, courtyard facilities for playgrounds, shade solutions and more.

Equipment for Kindergartens and Educational Institutions

The company specializes in manufacturing and marketing equipment for kindergartens, daycare centers and educational institutions. Pealton designs furniture for kindergartens and undertakes interior design for the entire complex of the kindergartens or daycare centers. The equipment manufactured by the company is made of quality and advanced materials in a color scheme selected by the customer and the designers.

Sensory Stimulation / Snoezelen Room

The S.T. Pealton Company specialized in producing white and black Snoezelen Rooms (sensory stimulation rooms).

The Snoezelen method was invented in Holland in the 1970s and over the course of the years has been developed as a therapeutic tool for patients of all ages with developmental, nervous as well as complex disabilities, such as: various mental diseases, dementia, intellectual infirmity and phenomena on the autistic spectrum.

The Snoezelen Room is a therapeutic space that enables the practitioner to create a balance between calming and arousing the patient’s activity. The goal of the treatment in the Snoezelen Room is to generate the sensation of calmness by stimulating the senses in a tranquil and pleasant ambience.

A Snoezelen Room – also known as a “White Room” contains white elements within it and integrates interactive electronic means of the highest available level, which stimulate the patients’ senses and generate a response and/or awakening.

The room itself serves as a means of treatment that contributes to personal empowerment of all five senses by use of bubble columns, light projectors, interactive wall panels, light falls, heated and relaxing water mattress, personally customized mood lighting, calming music and more … operated from a central command and control system, as well as a personal control system operated by the practitioner and the patient at any given time.

Pealton, which manufactures and constructs Snoezelen Rooms, is the exclusive representative in Israel for the Experia Innovations Company. As a meticulous British company, Experia Innovations develops and customizes products and unique equipment for the Israeli target audience and is specially adapted for children and other people needing this equipment.

National Network of Pealton Play Areas

The Pealton Play Areas Network is a leading company in Israel in the field of children’s indoor playgrounds, Gymboree Areas in 24 malls dispersed countrywide.

The indoor playgrounds offer a challenging, enriching and varied activity area with endless experiential activities and attractions for children from babies to age 9.

Pealton indoor playgrounds enable experiential, developmental and empowering learning for children – while playing.

The guided activities and the facilities in the Pealton indoor playgrounds and the Gymboree encourage physical activity and lead to improvement of both gross and fine motor skills, improve social skills, positive experience of challenges, overcoming obstacles and much more. All of these elements contribute, of course, to the child’s self-esteem, reinforce his self-confidence and transform him into a happier child. Just like that.

The Pealton Play Center Network also operates diverse, and particularly enjoyable birthday celebrations, as well as conducting activity for parents and infants free of charge.

At the Pealton indoor playgrounds, you can also enjoy activity for mothers and infants under the “Pealton+” brand, which accompanies the parents and infants already from the first stage, and to celebrate a birthday for your children with Tony and Ton in a broad variety of possibilities and diverse activities.

Professionalism, quality and innovation are all the name of the game at Pealton.